Ann Romney Won the Night, According to Twitter

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After a short delay due to Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf, the 2012 Republican National Convention had its first true night of activities on Tuesday. Some of the high-profile speakers included House Speaker John Boehner, former candidate Rick Santorum, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the headliner.

But it was Mitt Romney's wife Ann's speech that seems to have made the biggest impact - if you go by the response of the Twitterverse.

Twitter is saying that the highest tweets per minute spike of the entire night of speeches came right after Ann Romney's speech, when presumptive candidate Mitt Romney joined her on stage for a few quick kisses. They say that tweets hit 6.195 per minute.

Plus, Ann Romney made a huge jump in an metric called the Twitter Political Index - from a score of 45 to 83, which is the biggest increase in TPI of any last night's speakers.

Twitter launched their Political Index earlier this month with the help of analytics firms and polling firms. The index judges the sentiments in tweets that mention Romney or Obama (originally), to determine how positive their mentions are. It appears that Twitter has expanded their indexing to auxiliary political figures.

For comparison, Mitt Romney has only gained 2 point in the Political Index since yesterday (Obama's gained 1).

Gov. Christie's keynote speech wasn't far behind when it came to spikes in tweets per minute. When he gave his line about a "second American century," TPM shot up to 6,079.

Twitter also notes the Rick Santorum's speech garnered a lot of jokes about his abundant use of the word "hands."

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