Ann Romney Blames Media For Election Loss


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Though blaming the media and labeling it "liberal" is a common refrain for conservatives in the U.S., hearing the accusation come from a woman who could have been First Lady shows just how divisive political media in the country has become.

During a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace this weekend, Ann Romney, wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, stated that she is "happy to blame the media" for not portraying her husband accurately.

"Anytime you're running for office you always think that you're being portrayed unfairly," said Ann Romney. "We, of course on our side believe that there is more bias in favor of the other side. I think...that's a pretty universally felt opinion."

It's an odd accusation, given that much of the media reported on the 2012 presidential election, right up until the end, as if it were a close race. Many Republicans who believed Romney had a shot at the White House were blindsided by President Obama's solid victory on election night. In hindsight, the most accurate predictions of the election, such as Nate Silver's 538 blog, showed that Romney never had much of a chance.

Ann Romney also accused both the media and her husband's campaign for concealing her husband's true personality.

"He really is a selfless person that really truly cared about the American people," said Ann Romney. "He truly cares about making a difference and about helping others. And for him to be portrayed in a very negative light...was very hard,"

(Image via Mitt Romney's Facebook Page)