Animated Infographic Shows 'Internet In Real-Time'

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I probably don't have to tell you that a lot of data is created on the Internet every second, but this animated infograhpic called "The Internet in Real-Time" from PennyStocks puts things in perspective.

For every second, it shows: how many Twitter accounts are created; how many tweets are tweeted; how many hours of video are watched on YouTube; how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube; How many +1's are made; how many WordPress blog posts are created; how many Google searches are performed; how much ad revenue Google collects; how many items are purchased on Amazon; how much money is spent on Amazon; how many check-ins are made on Foursquare; how many Yelp reviews are written; how many apps are downloaded from Apple's App Store; how may Android apps are downloaded; how many Facebook likes and posts are recorded; and how many GB of data are added via Facebook.

Plus, it shows: user searches on LinkedIn; Skype minutes; likes, comments, and uploads on Instagram; posts, comments and votes on reddit; posts on Tumblr; pins on Pinterest; emails sent; Dropbox files saved; SnapChat stories viewed and messages sent; WhatsApp accounts created and messages sent; Netflix hours watched; and Pandora hours streamed.

Nevermind the rest of the Internet and all the other apps you use. Here's a three-second preview:

Click the animation to open the full version (via

According to the site, 8,961,878 GB of data was transferred over the Internet in the 397 seconds I was on the page.

Via Business Insider

Image via PennyStocks

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