'Angry Birds Star Wars 2' Updated With Carbonite


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Rovio's late 2013 Angry Birds releases hit their mark. The studio's Angry Birds Star Wars 2 proved a hit on mobile platforms and the kart-racing Angry Birds Go! gave Angry Birds fans a new way to enjoy the franchise.

Today Rovio continued with its nearly constant support for its games by releasing the latest update for Angry Birds Star Wars 2. This new update comes just two months after the "Battle of Naboo" update was released back in December.

The latest update, titled the "Carbonite Pack" includes eight new playable characters, new reward levels, and four secret levels. The new characters include Han Solo frozen in carbonite, the emperor's crimson guard, Jabba the Hutt, Kit Fisto, red shock troopers, Tusken raiders, and Lando Calrissian (finally). Also Ewoks. Lots of Ewoks.

A new preview for the content shows off all of the new characters, whose powers aren't so different from those already seen in other characters. The Ewoks, by the way, come from the playable character Wicket, who expands into nine different Ewoks after being launched: