Angry Birds Space Now Available


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As promised, the first true sequel to Angry Birds is finally available. Angry Birds Space builds upon the first game while offering new gameplay that makes it worthy of being called a true sequel.

The sequel has the familiar birds fighting against the evil pigs that they have been at odds with since the first game. As the name implies though, this time they're in space. The space motif would probably be enough to satisfy most players, but Rovio decided to shake up the formula a bit.

I've had the opportunity to play around with the game since this morning when it launched across all mobile platforms. The first thing I can confirm is that the game is fun. It's more fun than its predecessor due to a fun gimmick that the first game sorely lacked.

As you might have seen in previews, the game has players launching birds from the same slingshot as before. This time, however, players will have to aim into gravitational fields surrounding the planets that the pigs are on. This allows the birds to circle the planet and perform trick shots if you will. Gravity manipulation is nothing new, but it's the gimmick Angry Birds needed to stay fresh.

The space setting also allows the game's visuals to really shine. I was never a fan of the first game's admittedly boring green grass and blue sky visuals. The moons, planets and stars in the background really make the game stand out.

Angry Birds Space has already received plenty of attention pre-launch with partnerships between the brand and agencies like NASA. Wal-Mart has also jumped on board the Angry Birds craze by offering exclusive levels to those who find clues on the company's Facebook page and in-store merchandise.

You can grab Angry Birds Space now for iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($2.99), Android (Free) and Kindle Fire ($2.99).