Angry Birds Space Drops 10 New Levels For Free!

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Today, Angry Birds Developer, Rovio, has announced the release of 10 new levels for the increadibly popular "Angry Birds Space" in an expansion pack titled "Fry Me To The Moon."

The levels feature many pigs not only on the planets, but they are actually orbiting the planets to make the gameplay extremely difficult. All you have to do is download the update and the levels will be there!

What also came from the update was a new teaser level featuring a pic trying to eat a donut. It says coming soon but the important part is that it says "Free"! Also included in this update is 20 free space eagles! Rovio is also giving out a free space eagle every day! All you have to do is log on!

The update and free levels are for both the iOS and Android operating systems and the update is completely free.

Angry Birds Space has sold over 20 million copies over several operating systems and has become the most successful downloadable game of all time.

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