'Angry Birds Go!' Red Bird Kart Revealed


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Rovio seems determined to ride its Angry Birds series until it either crashes or becomes bigger than Mickey Mouse. Over the past four years the developer has released multiple new takes on Angry Birds including a Star Wars spinoff. All that while still supporting the original game with regular level updates.

This year's new Angry Birds game is Angry Birds Go!, a Mario Kart-style downhill racing game for mobile platforms.

Angry Birds Go! is scheduled for release in one week and Rovio today began teasing the game with the first of its character reveal videos. The first reveal is, appropriately, Red, the original angry bird. The bird's on-track powers include a simple speed boost.

The video also previews a bit of the upgrade system the game will have for karts. The vehicles will start out as Bad Piggies-style makeshift creations and will gradually become proper racing kart: