'Angry Birds Go!' Out Today For Mobile


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After months of teasing Angry Birds developer Rovio has released the latest game in the Angry Birds series.

Angry Birds Go! is out today for all modern smartphone platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10. The game is free for users to download, though it does feature microtransactions that allow players access upgrades at a faster pace.

Angry Birds Go! is significantly different from traditional Angry Birds games. The 3D game is downhill kart racer similar in style to the Mario Kart series. Players will choose from a variety of classic Angry Birds characters, including both birds and pigs. Each character features a unique special power that can be used to create an advantage or disrupt other racers while careening down a variety of race tracks that include stunt roads and flying air races.

Of course, Rovio has brought its "Telepods" toy line to Angry Birds Go!. The figurines can be bought in retail stores and unlock in-game content using mobile device cameras.

Rovio's last Angry Birds release, Angry Birds Star Wars II, is still one of the most popular mobile games around. Angry Birds Go! looks set to continue that trend and propel the Angry Birds franchise into another year of popularity. The launch trailer for the game shows off a representation of what mobile gamers can expect in the style of the Angry Birds cartoons: