'Angry Birds Go!' Characters Still Being Teased


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Angry Birds Go! was released yesterday and fans are already flinging their upgraded karts downhill. For some reason, though, Rovio, the developer of the Angry Birds series, is still teasing the characters from the game.

During the past week the developer has already previewed four of Angry Birds Go!'s racers and their individual powers. Red (the red bird), Stella (pink bird), Terence (the fat red bird), and the moustache pig have all gotten their individual preview videos.

The latest preview video is for yet another pig, the corporal pig, complete with view-obscuring cracked helmet. Corporal pig's kart comes appears to be TNT-fueled and he uses his helmet as a protective barrier to prevent smashing into other racers.

The corporal pig is already available to unlock for play in Angry Birds Go! for Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone 8.