Angry Birds Control Humans in New Viral Video

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As one of the first big hits of the mobile gaming market, the Angry Birds franchise is now bigger than ever. The series spans nearly a dozen games, a popular cartoon series, and a mountain of Angry Birds-branded merchandise.

What this means is that millions of birds have been flung at buildings, space stations, and storm trooper pigs. Now, Angry Birds developer Rovio is allowing the birds to get their revenge.

Rovio today released a new video in which humans are controlled by chickens. The stunt was accomplished with the help of engineers who created sleds that can be controlled by motion tracking technology. The motion trackers were then strapped to the heads of three chickens.

Three humans were recruited to ride the sleds down the side of a Swedish ski slope. Rovio brand ambassador Peter Vesterbacka was strapped into one of the sleds, as was Wired Magazine writer and physicist Rhett Allain. The third human sledder was Jonas Persson, an "Angry Birds fan" who got the chance to participate.

As the video shows, the chickens act as typical chickens do, flinging their heads back and forth in an unpredictable manner. This leads to some hilarity on the slope as at least one sled ride is cut short and another ends in disaster:

The video is part of a Rovio marketing campaign for the new Angry Birds GO! update. GO! is the Mario Kart-style downhill racing game that Rovio released late last year.

The new update includes snow-covered tracks and new sleds for the birds and pigs to race in. Also included are 8 new karts and a new "value starter pack" for players to purchase. Rovio has also begun including daily events in the game for players to earn extra in-game rewards.

Image via YouTube/Rovio

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