Angie Stone Arrested: Knocks Out Daughter's Teeth, Allegedly Tries To Flee Crime Scene

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Grammy-nominated RnB singer Angie Stone made headlines for something not related to her music. She was arrested after an altercation with her daughter, Diamond, and is now being charged with aggravated assault after allegedly using a metal stand to knock out her daughter’s teeth. According to reports, the altercation began when Angie told Diamond to “clean up and get her children under control”. The mother and daughter got into it, although it’s currently unknown who threw the first punch. Angie said that she only hit her daughter in self-defense after Diamond allegedly started the fight.

After hitting her daughter with the metal stand, Angie reportedly attempted to flee the scene. Diamond, short of a few of her teeth, ran after Angie. The fight ended when a family friend intervened. However, even the family friend is unsure as to who threw the first punch in the fight.

This is not Angie’s first run-in with the law. On March 2011, Angie was arrested after she was caught speeding on her way to church. Unbeknownst to her, there’s already an outstanding warrant for her arrest for a prior unpaid speeding ticket.

Angie Stone was last seen in the reality show R&B Divas: Atlanta. Talking about her inclusion in the TV show, Angie said, “What I bring to the dynamic is, I know what you don't know. I see it because I've been where you are already and I'm still surviving.”

She added, “The reason I'm still relevant and a survivor is because I learned from the people before me. There is a message to the madness. And one of the things is learning how to get out of your own way, knowing when to keep the car on the road and always remain a first-class act, if to no one but yourself.”

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