Angelika Graswald Allegedly Watched Fiancé Drown And Did Nothing To Help Him

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Angelika Graswald,e of missing project manager Vincent Viafore, has always maintained her innocence despite being charged with his murder. But prosecutors have now explained the reason for the charges.

When she was first arrested for the crime, the police alluded to “inconsistencies in her statement” that led to her arrest.

But during a bail hearing in a New York courtroom, Assistant District Attorney Julie Mohl clarified that Graswald confessed that "she tampered with the victim's kayak and that taking these actions would contribute to his death."

Mohl added that even though Graswald saw Viafore go under water she did nothing to help him. She also quoted Graswald as saying that “she felt a sense of happiness and release” and that “it felt good he was going to die” because she felt trapped in the relationship.

The prosecutor also alleged that money was the motive as Graswald is the primary beneficiary in two of Viafore’s life insurance policies.

The 35-year-old Graswald is set to receive $250,000 and “talked about what she could do with the money.”

Richard Portale, Graswald’s lawyer was surprised by the allegations that his client has confessed and said that her statements might have been coerced from her due to the language barrier.

Graswald is a native of Latvia and her first language is Russian.

"What's changed that has caused the government to now characterize my client's statements as a confession?" Portale asked, before adding his concern that they might have been “misled" by the police.

Portale also implied that his client was being unfairly judged based on how she acted on social media on the days after the 46-year-old Viafore disappeared.

Viafore disappeared when the couple went kayaking in the afternoon of April 19. Reports state that on the way back from Bannerman’s Island, Viafore’s kayak started to fill with water and capsized. He tried holding on to the kayak but went under water around 7:15. Graswald said she tried to save him but didn’t call for help until 7:40 pm.

Viafore’s body hasn’t been recovered yet.

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