Angel Collinson: Skier Talks Terrifying 1,000-ft Slide


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In terms of scary moments, I would imagine that tumbling feet down a steep mountain would rank pretty high.

Pro skier Angel Collinson recently lived that, as a crash sent her falling 1,000 vertical feet down a slope in the Neacola Range in Alaska last spring.

Footage of the accident has recently gone viral.

Check it out:

"I was skiing down pretty fast, but totally reasonable speed for what I normally do, and I hit some icy, chunky snow and it kind of bounced my ski around," Collinson told ABC News. "This happens to us a lot but in this case it kind of bumped my ski up above me to my left and my body kept going down to my right and then that’s when I started falling.

"At first I was trying to slow myself down with my arms, but then once I started picking up speed I realized that I was going to be falling for a while and the snow was icy and there was big icy snowballs. As I was tumbling, I covered my face and protected my head with my arms and I kind of just held on until I stopped."

Shockingly, Collinson escaped the plunge with only minor injuries – some jammed fingers and bruises.