Android May Be Coming To A Nikon Camera Near You

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Android is one of the most flexible operating systems on the market. We're beginning to see it crop up in just about everything. One of the few places where it hasn't really taken hold is the traditional point and shoot camera, but some manufacturers are changing that.

Nikon Rumors got hold of a filing with the Indonesian Communication Agency that outs the existence of Android-based camera from Nikon. The model is called the Nikon Coolpix S800. It will be the first Android-based camera from Nikon and as such, it won't sport the best the operating system has to offer just yet.

The rumors suggest that the camera will be running Android 2.3. That's probably due to limitations of the hardware itself. That being said, it will run all the apps that are available in Google Play. So you can play a quick game of Angry Birds while you're waiting for photography subjects to show up.

As for the actual hardware, the camera will reportedly sport a 25-250 mm lens and a 3.5 inch OLED screen. It will also have built-in GPS and Wi-Fi for all the Android apps that support those features. Nikon Rumors says that we can expect an announcement of the camera on August 22.

It's suspected that Nikon is going to start small as a way of testing the market. Many people already have cameras on their Android phones, so it remains to be seen if demand will be high for an Android powered camera. If successful, we might start to see Android powered high-end cameras.

The lead image is of the CoolPix S8200, but we can expect the Android-powered version to look somewhat similar.