Android Gets New Google Calendar

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Android users who use Google Calendar to catalog their week will get a more color in the newest app.

Google announced that Google Calendar for Android now supports a variety of colors for those who want to highlight specific events with certain colors. Now you can mark your birthday in a warm blue, and a visit from the in-laws in blood red.

Google Calendar for Android

Adding that particularly nasty visit from the in-laws to your schedule has been improved with the latest update as well. Google has completely redesigned the date and time picker to make it even easier to add those important dates. You can also set those dates to repeat in any time increment you require. It will make it easy to remind yourself of the bi-monthly visits from the aunt that hates your taste in neckties.

The timezone picker has also been redesigned so you will always have the right region for your scheduled events, like that potluck in Alaska with the cousin that hates you.

Google Calendar for Android

You can grab the new Google Calendar for Android on devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher. For custom colors, you'll need to be running 4.1 or higher. You can grab it at the Google Play store now.