Android Gets Impressive Windows XP Mod

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There has never really been a "wow" app on Google Play as far as I'm concerned. Ports of iOS apps and little diversions don't really cut it for me. That's why I was overjoyed to learn about a new app today that mods Android to run a very convincing Windows XP mod. The best part is that it works pretty flawlessly.

The developer goes by the name team.fluxion and they have created what is the my favorite app on Android. This is Windows XP without having to use a virtual machine or rooting your device. It replicates the look and feel of Microsoft's beloved operating system down to the minute details.

Users can go exploring through various folders to find content and open them through the appropriate programs. You can use it to copy, cute and paste content throughout the Windows XP environment as well. It's not the complete Windows XP experience as it's still confined by what a smartphone can do. Even so, it's an impressive approximation that I can't recommend enough.

One thing I should point out is that is still retains support for live wallpapers even in XP mode. You may not be a fan of one of Android's most stand out features, but this mod has finally fulfilled my dream of having a moving background on Windows XP without the use of silly .gif files that would become enlarged and disproportionate on the desktop.

As far as apps and betas go, the XP Mod Launcher is amazingly stable and user friendly. I highly recommend it as just a fun diversion for all you Android owners out there. Here's hoping it gets updated in the future to include even more Windows-specific desktop environment functions. I would love to run a native version of Windows XP on my phone just to say I can.

XP Mod Launcher is available for free on Google Play. Check it out before Microsoft demands it be taken down for some arbitrary reason.

[h/t: techie-buzz]