Android Game Developers Now Have A Few New Tools To Work With

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Over the last few years, Android has proven to be quite the versatile gaming platform. Not only are people playing games on smartphone and tablets, but Android games can also be found on TVs thanks to micro-consoles like the Ouya and MOJO. Now Google is readying some new tools to help Android game developers make the player experience even better.

In a post today on the Android Developers Blog, the Android team says that it has two new tools available for Android game developers. The first is called LiquidFun - it's a C++ 2D physics library that will help developers add realistic physics to their games.

Here's a video that demonstrates LiquidFun running on Android:

To learn more about LiquidFun, check out its GitHub page.

As for the second new tool, Google says that a Google Play Games plug-in is now available for Unity. In other words, those using the Unity engine to build their game can now integrate Google Play Game services directly into Unity to add Google+ sign-in, achievements, leaderboards and cloud saves on both Android and iOS.

For more information on this plug-in, check out the Google Play Games GitHub page.

While it's not a tool, Google has one more update that Android game developers will be interested in. Starting February 2014, the Google Play store will add the following new game genres - simulation, role playing and educational. This will give game developers more freedom in choosing which genre their games fall in. You can change the genre of your app to one of the new ones today, but the change won't go live on Google Play until February 2014.

[Image: Android Developers/YouTube]

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