Android Developer Questions Answered During Office Hours

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Android development is one of the fastest growing parts of Google. After coming off of a successful win over Oracle, Android's only competition is Apple. Developers starting out are going to want advice on how to best take advantage of the platform.

Google has hosted a new Android Developer Office Hours to give developers some insight into what's going on in the Android development community. This week's Office Hours is more about answering questions than showing off any new technologies. The questions on display are pretty important which is made apparent by the one hour long hangout.

Some of the topics discussed include billing on Android and how to cancel a payment, updates on Android @ Home and alternatives to quick actions. There are plenty of other questions answered that will be of great interest to Android developers.

As an aside, I want to compliment the Android team on their fantastic cameras for the hangout. Google should use these for all of their Office Hours hangouts since they usually have terrible video/audio quality.