Android Catches iOS, Hits 700,000 Apps

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At the end of September, Google announced a pretty big milestone: Google Play had reached 25 billion downloads. We noted that they were a few months behind Apple, who announced the same milestone for the App Store back in March.

As a part of that announcement, Google also said that Google Play housed 675,000 apps.

Today, we learn that Google's Android OS now offers 700,000 mobile apps.

That 25,000 app jump in the last month is significant in an of itself, but it's even more significant when you remember that Apple just made the same claim just a week ago at their iPad mini launch event.

At the event, Tim Cook said that the App Store now houses 700,000 apps (275,000 made specifically for the iPad).

So, give or take a few thousand, it looks like Android has finally caught up to iOS in terms of app offerings.

In terms of total downloads, Apple still has the edge. At the same event, Tim Cook said that their 700,000 apps have been downloaded over 35 billion times.

Both Google and Apple have recently announced new devices to make use of those 700,000 apps. In the last month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, new iPod Touch, and the iPad mini. Yesterday, Google announced its new line of Nexus devices.

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