Andrew Garfield Stares at Spiders, Drools Over Ryan Gosling

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Andew Garfield is a brave man. Not only does he have an entire franchise resting on his shoulders with the upcoming release of Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man" -- which requires a certain amount of strength in its own right -- he also closely studied arachnids in preparation for the role. This is precisely why I wouldn't tackle this sort of film. If there's even a remote chance that I will be forced to come into some sort of contact with spiders, you can automatically count me out. Because, you know, I'm scared to death of them.

Garfield, on the other hand, learned quite a bit from his eight-legged friends during their time together. "I had the most direct link to animal study in the world, that I could have ever used," the actor explained to MTV News. "It helps you play in a different way and use your imagination in a different way. I just watched spiders whenever I saw them and tried to emulate that patience, that stillness. When you apply that to a teenage boy who is jerky, twitchy and anxious, as soon as that DNA gets messed with, you can find a patience and a stillness. They'll dance differently and use their space differently. It was a fun thing to play with."

In case you're unfamiliar with the property and are curious to know how this relates to Garfield's upcoming motion picture experience, allow me to explain. Andrew stars as nerdy Peter Parker, a high school student who likens his superhuman abilities to that of arachnids. After piecing together a costume and developing gadgets that allow him to shoot a web-like substance from his wrists, Parker sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding his parents' disappearance. It's a bit more complex than that, but this should be enough to get you started.

According to Digital Spy, Garfield also has an affinity for an altogether different kind of creature: "Drive" actor Ryan Gosling. In a recent interview, the man who would be Peter Parker said, "He's just a dreamboat. It's undebatable. He's just stunning. Not only physically, but in terms of talent - a general sex appeal that he has."

All of this carrying-on has everything to do with the release of "The Amazing Spider-Man", which hits theaters across North America tomorrow (July 3). If you've somehow missed the trailer, you can find the clip embedded below. Also, if you need a quick Emma Stone fix, check out this article about the actress. She's cute, and there are pictures. Nuff said.

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