Andie MacDowell: Don't Call Her A Cougar

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Andie MacDowell stars in the upcoming film Magic Mike XXL, and on the big screen her character is a Southern mom who is rather 'indelicate, somewhat vulgar, and more than sexually charged.' She is determined to have more than her fair share of fun with Channing Tatum and his fellow exotic dancers.

And sure--Andie MacDowell is a bit older than the ladies who typically frequent the kinds of places where Channing Tatum and the guys dance. In fact, she's 57 in real life.

Something she can't stand, however, is when women like her in sexy roles are referred to as cougars.

If you want to stay on Andie MacDowell's good side, don't ever call her a cougar.

"I find it offensive," she says. "There's this notion that as men get older they become more handsome, so therefore they can have younger women, but there is no reality to that obviously--it's just another way to disempower women."

Certainly no one has disempowered Andie MacDowell. She has a string of film roles under her belt that is beyond impressive. From St. Elmo's Fire and Four Weddings and A Funeral to Monte Carlo and Footloose, she has long graced the big screen. She has also starred in Lifetime movies. She hasn't played a role quite like this one she plays in Magic Mike XXL, however.

Are you an Andie MacDowell fan? Will you be checking her out when Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1st?

Are you in the habit of calling people of Andie MacDowell's age who behave the way her character in Magic Mike XXL does 'cougars?'

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