Anderson Silva Says He's Coming Back To UFC

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MMA fans will be glad to know that Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva, who suffered a devastating—and some said career-breaking—injury at UFC 168 is doing exceptionally well in his rehabilitation. In a Twitter post, he uploaded an old photo of him doing some grappling exercises. It was captioned “Estou voltando,” which means “I’m coming back.”

It has almost been two months since the former UFC middleweight champ got seriously injured in a match against current champion Chris Weidman. Silva positioned himself for a left kick, but Weidman checked it, causing Silva to snap his lower left leg bone. Silva’s fibula  (calf bone) was reset but he had to undergo orthopedic surgery to stabilize his tibia (shin bone).

At that point, it looked like Silva was on his way to retirement.

UFC president Dana White believes this is not so, and that Silva will once again fight his way in the Octagon. This is confirmed by no less than the Brazilian fighter himself, during an interview on Sunday, February 16. He shared how difficult the recovery process is, and the excruciating pain he experiences. He is making a great effort to understand why the injury happened, and resolves to return.


Silva is still in the early stages of recovery, but his managers Ed Soares and Jorge Guimaraes are already musing on a match between him and former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. The two managers, who have guided Silva since his UFC debut eight years ago, are hopeful about the match, especially when they see Silva doing well in his physical therapy. According to Silva’s orthopedic surgeon, the fighter can return to his training in six months at the very least.

Silva will be 39 years old when he decides to return to the MMA. He may never put his full weight on his left leg. His doctors may not even let him return to fighting. These are the uncertainties facing Silva’s career, but these do not weaken his determination to fight again. And he is not going to retire, not just yet. He says he still has a lot to accomplish, “and I have no such intention of stopping.”

Anderson Silva Breaks Leg [Graphic]

Main images via YouTube , Silva with crutch via Facebook

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