Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is Strengthened by Social Media

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Nothing seems to be getting Amy Van Dyken-Rouen down, despite the physical hurdles and emotional fallout following an unfortunate accident that changed her life forever, and social media may have something to do with her positive attitude.

The six-time Olympic gold medalist was involved in an all-terrain vehicle accident on June 6, leaving her paralyzed.

From the moment she woke up after surgery to repair her severed spinal cord, the decorated Olympic swimmer began sharing her thoughts and daily updates on social media.

Amy has always enjoyed sharing her life and thoughts on social media, so husband Tom Rouen, former punter for the Denver Broncos, decided to hand her a telephone and encouraged her to get tweeting.

The decision proved to be a good one — Amy has found it to be very therapeutic, and it has helped her transition from elite athlete to life in a wheelchair.

Certainly the love and well-wishes are appreciated by Amy, but it's a two-way street as her social media followers have benefitted from her positive attitude as well.

''She sends stuff out there and gets so much positive energy and positive feedback that I really think it helps her a whole lot,'' said Rouen. ''It's also been good to be able to have a distraction with everything that's going on.''

Here are just some of her inspiring Instagram/Twitter posts from day one in the hospital:

Van Dyken Rouen gave an exclusive interview to TODAY's Matt Lauer from Craig Hospital in Denver, where she has begun rehabilitation.

In the interview, Van Dyken Rouen spoke with Lauer about the challenges ahead. The same positive attitude she exudes in her social media posts is again apparent in the interview as she calls her circumstances just "a setback, and then we're going to rock and roll."

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