Amy Schumer Viral Success Rewarded with New HBO Special

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Amy Schumer is on fire. The outspoken comedienne has been taking it to the sexist men who have dominated her industry since the dawn of open mic nights. And people have been listening.

Using her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer as a platform, the saucy minx has tackled topics related to how females are treated with a fervor. Her most recent viral success an over-20-minute re-imagining of Sidney Lumet's classic film 12 Angry Men.

In the original film (and play), 12 men sit on a jury, tasked with deciding whether they find a man guilty of murder. The verdict must be unanimous. The jurors take an initial vote amongst themselves, hoping they can be done with the business of justice and get home to their families and pursuits. They all vote the man guilty, except for one juror. Henry Fonda played the role of the single dissenter in the original film. The story explored and exposed the prejudices and secret hatreds of the men in the hot room.

Amy Schumer used that setting as her canvas. Joined by the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti, Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Dipaolo, John Hawkes, and Vincent Kartheiser, Amy Schumer crafted a story wherein the verdict those 12 men were to return was about her.

Is Amy Schumer hot enough to have her own television show?

This incredibly funny bit joins several other wildly successful bits of late to catapult Amy Schumer into the realm of "household word." And now she is about to get an HBO special directed by none other than Chris Rock.

HBO announced that hte special will tape May 29 at the Apollo Theater. It will air later this year.

Add to that the upcoming release of her summer film Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow, but written and starring Amy Schumer herself, and it certainly looks like her star is on the rise.

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