Amy Schumer Enlists Tim Gunn to Star in Princess Video Spoof

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Amy Schumer no doubt wanted to live in a 'happily-ever-after' princess video, but it simply wasn't meant to be. The funny lady enlisted the help of Tim Gunn for a Comedy Central clip of her own fairy tale. She titled in Princess Amy.

The clip, which made its way online Wednesday, features Amy Schumer as a peasant girl living in a remote cabin. A narrator says, "Amy was just a regular, ordinary girl in the Kingdom of Agribar, until one day, her most impossible dreams came true," as Schumer is seen singing to herself and tidying her cabin.

Enter Tim Gunn in his role as Willenby, Amy Schumer's 'royal attache.'

"It's time you knew the truth," he tells her. "You're not a disgusting, filthy commoner at all! You're a princess!"

Amy Schumer's fairy tale clearly deteriorates as she meets other characters--one of whom she plays in disguise.

Perhaps Amy Schumer is a disgruntled Disney princess at heart? Which one do you suppose she imagines portraying? Rapunzel? Belle?

It really doesn't matter. She's hilarious.

So is Tim Gunn.

Maybe the two have a future with Disney?

Or maybe not.

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