Amy Roloff: Separation Is "Not Going To Be Easy"

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Amy Roloff and her husband Matt have shared nearly eight years of their lives with the world on their TLC reality show, "Little People, Big World", and over that time it's become clear that the couple have not always seen eye-to-eye. Amy, the practical one, gets frustrated easily with Matt's big ideas and constant projects. And while that's also something she loves about him--she said in a recent interview that she likes the fact that her husband is a dreamer--the pair have had a hard time living under the same roof lately.

The famous couple decided to separate in recent months and are going public with it now, with Matt saying he's not moving out, just moving to a different home on their property.

"Amy and I are separated," he says in a clip from an upcoming episode of the show. "Last year was long, long and tough. Amy and I had a lot of tensions so right around Thanksgiving I thought I would move over to the bridal house for a little bit and we'll try that. Amy and I stuck it out for years and years when maybe we shouldn't have. I never quite felt at home in my own home so something needed to change. We needed to try something different."

The couple, who share four children, allowed the cameras to follow their journey to this decision and speak frankly about it in an upcoming special on March 25.

"I think what Matt and I failed to do over many, many years is learned to live together, It's not my choice for him to leave. I am saddened by it, and it's been 26 years. We don't have a plan as far as how we are going to work this out so it's not going to be easy," Amy said.

The couple released a statement saying that Matt would remain on the property to oversee daily business endeavors and to help Amy with their children, who are their main focus.

"We sincerely appreciate the unwavering support, understanding and prayers from our family, friends and many fans. May God bless you," they said in a joint statement.

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