Amy Roloff Catches Ex In A Compromising Position On "Little People, Big World"

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Amy Roloff and her husband Matt announced earlier this year that they had filed for divorce, and while the news came as a nasty shock to fans of the show Little People, Big World, the couple said it was a long time coming. However, they continue to run their farm together and put up a united front for their kids, so Matt lives in a different house on the property. In a recent episode of the show--which focused on middle son Zach's wedding--Amy went to Matt's house to talk to him about wedding preparations and found him in a somewhat compromising position.

There, in full view of whoever might walk in, was Matt, sitting in a personal sauna.

"I will get everything done. I need to be healthy. I need to feel good. Give me a few more minutes, please," Matt said.

"I never go over to Matt's house, and this is definitely why. It was just really kind of awkward," Amy said later.

The former couple apparently worked through the awkwardness to get everything done for Zach's wedding, because the ceremony looked gorgeous. He and Tori Patton held their vows on the family farm in front of about 200 guests, and though the ceremony was filmed for the show, he says he's not one for celebrity status and is looking forward to starting a life with his new bride.

When Little People, Big World began on TLC, Zach was just a young soccer-playing teen, so for fans, the wedding was a big moment. The day was pretty special for Amy Roloff, as well, and Zach said she would likely have a hard time with it.

“My mom’s going to have a tough time with all four of her kids marrying, if they all do. She bawled all the way through her and Jeremy’s mother-son dance and she and I are really close. She’ll bawl through ours, too," Zach Roloff said.

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