Amy Duggar Says It's A "Relief" To Leave Name, Long Skirts Behind After Marriage

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Amy Duggar, cousin to the reality stars who have been dominating the headlines in recent months, spoke recently about what a relief it is to finally be married, saying she feels like the pressure is off.

"It's a relief. It feels like the stress is gone. I don't have to be perfect anymore. I don't have to worry about wearing long skirts. And I got to marry my best friend!" Amy told Entertainment Tonight.

Amy, whose last name is now King, is also reportedly glad to leave behind that famous surname and mentioned Anna Duggar in the interview, saying she made sure to give her a big hug at the wedding to make her feel welcome. While Amy didn't want to comment much on Anna--who is married to eldest Duggar son Josh--she did say she thinks Anna should carefully weigh her options when it comes to divorce. Josh made headlines in May when police reports were leaked online showing that he had sexually abused several underage girls--including at least two of his sisters--when he was 14 years old, and last month his name was everywhere once again after the Ashley Madison hack exposed his email address, proving he was a client of the cheating site.

"I do think Anna should take some time out to think about how she feels without everyone around," Amy said.

Several members of the Duggar family attended Amy's wedding--which was "country-chic" in theme and was held at a barn in Arkansas--and while Anna and her four children were spotted, Josh was absent. The Duggar family released a statement following the Ashley Madison scandal, saying he had gone to a long-term rehabilitation facility.

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