Amy Adams Breaks Down Over Philip Seymour Hoffman


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On Wednesday actress Amy Adams sat down with James Lipton for an episode of Inside the Actors Studio, and while the two discussed everything from Adam's technique to her multiple Oscar nominations, it was the mention of Philip Seymour Hoffman that turned the interview somber and made Adams reminisce about the actor.

After Lipton asked her about the film Doubt, where she worked with Hoffman, Adams instantly began to shed tears and talked about how great of an actor he was and how attentive he always managed to be.

"Gosh, I wish you could all get a chance to work with him," she said. "He was beautiful, a beautiful spirit. And he has this unique ability to see people, really see them. And he will be missed. Sorry, I really...I just really loved him and I know so many people did, and I just don't know how much more I can talk about it now. Sorry."

However, the interview reached a much lighter note when Adams talked about filming the movie American Hustle with Bradley Cooper. She was blown away by how hard he worked, and was even more impressed with how respectful he was during the entire shoot.

"It's wonderful [working with Cooper]," stated Adams. "It's really great to work with somebody, who again, is such a hard worker. He's so positive. He's so ready for anything, and he's also such a gentleman." During the shoot the director would tell him something like "'Pull her skirt up,' and he's like 'Is that OK? Is that alright?'"

But besides the acting questions, Lipton also asked the actress his usual set of random questions, which is always good for a laugh or two.

When it comes to Adams' favorite word, it's "yes" and her least favorite word is "no," she said. And when it comes to her favorite sound, she loves listening to her daughter break out into laughter. "My daughter laughing [is my favorite sound]," she said. "When she really, really laughs.

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