Amy Adams Bares it all in American Hustle

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Here's what most of us already know about David O. Russell's new upcoming film American Hustle. Yes, Bradley Cooper not only has really curly hair, but he sets in rollers like my grandmother does before church every Sunday. Christan Bale sports a sweet comb over and has such a big beer gut that's it hard to believe that this is the same guy that got down to 120 pounds in The Machinist and then bulked up to Superhero weight to play Batman.

We can also see that the film takes place in the 1970s and has a very stylized, almost Scorsesesque look to it. The general gist of the plot seems to be about con men and women, a dirty FBI agent and the mob. And finally, maybe you've heard? Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence do a little lip-locking.

Have your attention now?

Amy Adams spoke with E! News about kissing her sexy female co-star and also about being asked at the last minute to strip down naked.

The 39 year old actress spoke candidly about the details of her romantic scene with Lawrence. "It's funny because after the first take of that, I ended up with lipstick out to here [gestures all around her mouth]—she has very full lips—and also playing somebody who's not puckering for a kiss, its really interesting how a kiss hits you when you're not participating in it." She went on to add. "Jennifer pulls it off wonderfully because you believe it again as part of the character. It doesn't feel like this salacious, sexual kiss between two women. Its part of her struggle for control."


As for getting nude, Adams says that was never part of the original plan. Perhaps because she's worked with David O. Russell before (she received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in The Fighter), she felt comfortable enough with him at the helm to bare it all on the big screen. "David threw that at me last minute, too. He didn't give me time to think about it at all. It was the night before, so I got a text or I might have woken up in the morning, saying, 'I think your character might have been a stripper. I think we wanna shoot it.' And its the first day of filming and its the end of the day, so I said, 'Well, as long as you let me look at the scene, I'll do it.' And he did."

American Hustle will hit theaters nationally on December 20th. It is already receiving tons of Oscar buzz. It currently has a 97% approval rating on

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