America's Tablet Computer Habit [Infographic]

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Just like Modern Family's Phil Dunphy (picture courtesy of ABC), America is crazy about technology gadgets. With half of America already on smartphones and a growing number of people choosing tablets over conventional desktops, mobile devices are becoming as much a part of American culture as the good old automobile.

This next infographic from Yahoo! illustrates the ways we have integrated tablets into our everyday routines and rituals. Yahoo's findings for the graphic come from a US survey encompassing the responses of 2000 participants in various demographics.

So like I said, tablets are as American as the automobile, but one statistic from the survey speaks to the idea that the tablet could even replace the car (at least for some). !5% of tablet owners from the survey said they would choose their tablet over their car if they indeed did have to choose. That's really interesting, I guess they must work from home.

Speaking about replacing things, 1/3 of men frequently take their tablet into the bathroom to read. I guess that's it for the good old newspaper. At least it's an environmentally friendly solution, if not necessarily a sanitary one. Interestingly, tablets come in second behind desktops/laptops as the most fought over item in the household.

Tablets also seem to be replacing books and magazines as nighttime rituals. Over 90% of people who own them use them to help settle in before sleeping. It's only 17% of the population who already own tablets, but I suspect we'll find similar trends for smartphones and other mobile devices. Going wireless is very convenient and it affords us the opportunity to integrate technology into more spaces in our lives.