American Idol Hosts: Mariah Carey Officially Joins Up


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American Idols hosts are dropping like flies. Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have parted ways with the popular talent show, leaving fans to wonder, "Who will producers find to fill the void left by these two unexpected departures?" According to Entertainment Weekly, pop diva Mariah Carey has officially signed on for the 12th season of the popular television program. Rumors were circulating not too long ago that Carey's price tag might dwell on the other side of the show's budgetary limitations. However, when your most recognizable talent has jumped ship, sometimes you have to spend some money to correct that problem.

Since Carey is official onboard and Randy Jackson seems perpetually stuck to his judge's chair (for now, anyway), the real question remains: Who will fill the third seat? Depending on which site you read and who you choose to listen to, former "American Idol" winners Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert are being considered for the part. Should one of them decide to sign their name on the dotted line, it would be the first time a champion has returned to the show as a full-time judge. Could be a good idea. Alternatively, it could be a really lousy idea. As usual, Underwood and Lambert's involvement is nothing more than speculation.

What do Twitter users have to say on the subject? You're about to find out. In the space provided below, several reactions to Mariah Carey's announcement have been embedded. Not surprisingly, fans of the micro-blogging sight have many varied opinions on the subject, so do tread carefully if you're a diehard Mariah fanatic. We don't want to ruffle any feathers.

Look for "American Idol" to return to FOX this fall.