American Horror Story: Coven Star and Creator Hint About Queenie's Future

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American Horror Story: Coven received a couple of Golden Globe nominations today.  Yesterday they were awarded some SAG nominations.  Therefore, the Coven cast is having a pretty good week. However, the fans of the show are not having a great one.

The American Horror Story: Coven mid-season finale episode, ''Head', left fans in shock. A few major deaths occurred. The biggest, possible, death award went to  voodoo doll witch, Queenie, played by Gabourey Sidibe. Fans wonder her future on the show. Queenie shot herself in the head to stop witch hunter Hank (Josh Hamilton) from killing Marie (Angela Bassett). Queenie has done some horrible things to her own body to torture others. She survived all of those without  a scratch. Nonetheless, a shot to the head seems pretty final.

Fans of Coven know that having a witch with the power of resurgence increases Queenie's chance of returning. The Coven crew is keeping hush about the final four episodes. They are also being pretty silent on Queenie's return. But the show's creator Ryan Murphy, and Sidibe, gave Queenie fans hope. In an interview with E!, Sidibe teased that, "the way they treat death on this show, it's so odd. I could be dead, I could not be dead. It's one of those things." In an exclusive Entertainment Weekly interview, Murphy did not give a clear answer on whether Queenie's life will get restored. He did reveal that last night's episode, and the next one, starts the pattern of deaths sticking. This means whoever dies on those two episodes should get comfortable with the after life. It's safe to assume Luke (Alexander Dreymon) and Hank are both dead for good. But no matter what the cast tries to convince fans, they'll still hope for a Queenie resurrection.

Murphy and Sidibe also discuss that some of the most disturbing scenes are coming up in the last four episodes. Sidibe even said there is a scene in episode 11 that " was so funny that we couldn't even look at each other during the making of it."

So Queenie's future looks okay, despite blowing a hole in her head. Just another day on American Horror Story: Coven. 

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