American Express Payments Now On Facebook

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If you are a regular addict of Facebook and you have some debts to pay or cash gifts to give, you can now get those chores done without ever leaving the social networking site. Serve from American Express has launched their digital payment app for Facebook. You can send, receive and request money effortlessly with their new tool.

It is simple to use. If you want to request money, select a friend, send the message, and the request will appear on their wall (the amount will not show up). There are no fees involved and as long as the recipient is a registered Serve member all they have to do is enter their PIN number and the payment will be sent. What could be easier?

Another interesting feature of the Facebook Serve app is the ability to set-up a widget to raise money such as selling an item or creating a for charity campaign. A statement from American Express Enterprise Growth Group President, Dan Schulman commenting on the app said:

“The way people exchange money is evolving, and so is Serve,”

“We’re constantly working to bring our customers a seamless and consistent payment experience—one that makes sense for our increasingly social lives, whether that’s paying a friend back for movie tickets or sending someone money for your share of the vacation house—it can now be sent on Facebook.”

It looks like Facebook keeps finding new ways to keep users busy on their site. I know many people who are never logged out of Facebook and this will be a great addition for them. Also it's a great way to get some money out of those friends who keep promising to pay you back, but never seem to have any cash on them. They're gonna hate this! We might see some people getting rid of their accounts over this app. Thanks American Express!