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Have you ever wondered what United States cities would actually be called if they let the internet name them? By analyzing tweets, Inbox Q has given us the answer. Did you know that Twitter users commonly refer to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as "Milwacky?" Nope, I didn't either.

Inbox Q is a service that crawls Twitter for questions about specific companies or brands and streams them for the people who should be concerned with questions, say a customer service department, or a marketing department. They say that they started Inbox Q because they "realized that there were lots of questions being asked by people on Twitter but most weren't receiving very useful answers. In fact, most questions go completely unanswered on Twitter."

They sorted through millions of tweets and discovered that only about two-thirds of those tweeters used the proper place name to describe where they were. They then compiled this fun little infographic to show the odd names that Twitter users give large American cities.

Nicknames like "Gotham" for New York and "Nawlins" for New Orleans aren't anything new. In fact, I was pretty sure once that New Orleans was actually "Nawlins." But some of the nicknames the Twitter users give our cities are strange to say the least. "Shark City," "El Chuco" and "Miami of Canada" are new ones to me.

It thrills my heart that Twitter users call San Diego "Whale's Vagina," a reference of course to this scene in Anchorman -

If they would have mapped my city of Lexington I'm sure it would have been "Horse Capital of the World" or "Lex-Vegas." Check out the infographic below to see if your city has a wacky Twitter name.

America According to Twitter
InboxQ - Answer Questions on Twitter

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