AMC Theatres Now Offering Movie-a-Day Subscription Plan

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In a move to get people out of their houses and watching movies at the theater as much as they're watching them from their couches, AMC Theatres is partnering with MoviePass to bring a subscription model to the theatergoer.

AMC will let customers pay a monthly fee to gain virtually unlimited access to screenings (it's not quite unlimited, but at one movie per day it's pretty close).

The subscription will be offered in connection with MoviePass, the country's largest movie theater subscription facilitator. Film fans can pay $35 per month to have access to one standard (2D) movie per day. And for $45 per month, they'll have access to one movie a day in any format.

"This is the first time a premium level subscription service has been launched in the U.S. and marks a significant step forward by offering passionate movie lovers the premium sight and sound experiences available in movie theatres,” said Stacy Spikes, CEO and Co-Founder of MoviePass. “We believe this premium tier subscription, combined with a new online ticketing feature, will appeal to our largest demographic, 18-34-year-old movie goers. Our goal is to keep people coming out to the movies again and again.”

Theater visits have been on the decline with the advent of on-demand, Netflix, and other streaming options. By tapping into the current obsession with "subscription" services, AMC is looking to get more people through the doors.

“AMC Theatres leads the way in the movie exhibition industry in offering innovations that ‘wow’ our customers,” said Christina Sternberg, senior vice president of Corporate Strategy and Communications. “This pilot will provide more convenience for our guests, and responds to the preference of many consumers for monthly entertainment subscriptions such as music and magazines, which we believe will increase the frequency of movie going.”

This will run as a small test program at first in only two cities – Denver and Boston. But if it's successful, you'd imagine that AMC will offer it in more markets as soon as they can.

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