Amber Rose: Wiz Khalifa Calls Her 'Foul Creature'

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Amber Rose is a 'foul creature,' at least according to her ex, Wiz Khalifa. Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa back in 2014, and the two have a two-year-old son named Sebastian.

It seems like visitation issues may be the reason Khalifa dissed his ex-wife in this way. A series of tweets from Wiz Khalifa no doubt means that some bitterness between the two definitely exists.

The first tweet is a bit disturbing, as it indicates Amber Rose 'did something' to their son.

The subsequent tweets portray Khalifa with a calmer demeanor. Hopefully all is well with little Sebastian.

If you note the time of day on the first and second tweets, it seems only minutes went by before Wiz Khalifa settled down a bit.

That's about all the information anyone has at this point about whatever Amber Rose did to warrant being called a 'foul creature.'

The last time Amber Rose made news, it was for some Instagram photos she posted wearing practically nothing.

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

It will be interesting to learn if more hits the media about whatever set off Wiz Khalifa and made him resort to name calling with Amber Rose. In the meantime, couples in the throes of visitation or custody issues can file 'foul creature' in their arsenal of vile phrases, and pull it out when their stress hits unthinkable levels.

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