Amber Heard Victim of Hubby Johnny Depp's Prank

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Amber Heard is the proud owner of a 1968 Ford Mustang. She spent just about every cent she had to buy the car when she first moved to L.A.

Husband Johnny Depp gets the very best of Amber Heard in an upcoming episode of Overhaulin' when he pranks her into believing her beloved baby has been stolen.

In the episode, Heard is seen becoming enraged with an "officer" as he snaps photos of her with his cell phone.

"Get my car back!" she insists.

"I bought it as kind of a drivable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk," Amber Heard recalls in one of the clips promoting the show. "The car cost me every dime I had."

Custom car designer Chip Foose is in the process of turning Heard's car into a retro beauty.

When Amber Heard finally realized what was going on, she said, "I'm overwhelmed! I can't believe it," adding, "I don't let anyone touch my car!"

The Overhaulin' team, led by Foose, winds up turning Amber Heard's car into a masterpiece, reducing her to tears.

"I'm sorry," she says, laughing and crying at the same time. "I can't believe it! Oh my God, thank you so much!"

Even though Amber Heard is no doubt thrilled with her car's makeover, she's still likely a bit peeved at Johnny Depp for pranking her.

Should Johnny Depp fear Amber Heard in the coming days? After all, Halloween is this weekend.

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