Amber Heard Accepts Extravagant Gift From Depp

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Amber Heard, the lovely blonde actress who co-starred with Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary", has been on the tongues of gossip columnists everywhere lately since it was first rumored that she has caught his single eye.

Depp, who recently publicly split from longtime wife Vanessa Paradis, is now on the market again and word on the street is that he's set his gaze on Heard, although she was in a lengthy relationship with female photographer Tasya van Ree for years. Now, news of an extravagant gift from Depp is even more reason to set fans buzzing.

Apparently a source has confirmed to E! that Depp bought Heard a horse, and it looks like the reasoning was just because he could. Heard is a Texas native and has an affinity for the beasts, and Depp has been working on the film "The Lone Ranger", in which he plays Tonto, so horses have been on his brain lately. But what everyone wants to know is, what else is on that lovely mind of his.

Obviously, there's no official word on the two of them having any sort of relationship other than a working one, but when a young and beautiful actress befriends a sexy Hollywood veteran, rumors are bound to fly. Heard is currently working on the set of "Machete Kills", the sequel to Robert Rodriguez's action/comedy "Machete". I'm sure she'll be closely watched in coming weeks to see whether or not this friendship develops into something more.

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