Amber Cochran Marries Country Music Star Brantley Gilbert -- Took 10 Years!

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The saying “If you love something you’ve got to let it go, and if it’s meant to be yours, it’ll come back to you,” has always been a cliché for Brantley Gilbert.

Gilbert, a country singer, tied the knot with the “one that got away” Amber Cochran after knowing her for 10 years.

“I met her 10 years ago. I met her in church, and long story short, we were on and off for five years, mostly on. Losing her, it was a straight downhill jolt at first,” Gilbert said about Cochran.

Cochran is said to be the one who inspired two of Gilbert’s songs “More Than Miles” and “You Don’t Know Her Like I do”.

“She’s been in my soul since the day I met her,” Gilbert stated when asked about Cochran. “She has and will continue to inspire song after song in my life,” he added.

Cochran accepted Gilbert’s proposal last October and they got married at his Georgia home last Sunday confirms Us Weekly.

Cochran, a school teacher, has remained an inspiration for Gilbert's songs even during the time that were not together.

In January 2013, while the two are separated, Gilbert and fellow country singer Jana Kramer announced their engagement but called it off in August of that same year. That led to Cochran coming back into his life.

Though it can be said that marrying Cochran is what made Gilbert a believer of the quote that he once considered to be a cliché.

Congratulations are in order, and fans will just have to stay tuned for the next song that Gilbert will be writing for his now wife, Amber Cochran.

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