Amazon's Streaming Box Will Reportedly Launch with Netflix, Hulu Apps

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Amazon's still unconfirmed set-top streaming device will launch with third party apps, according to sources quoted by GigaOm.

We're talking a couple of big names here–Netflix and Hulu Plus–meaning that Amazon is choosing to make the device more appealing to more people by not just offering up its own content and streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video.

But according to the report, "some mid-sized, more niche-focused video publishers told me that they haven’t been asked to join." Is this simply an oversight? Has Amazon simply not gotten around to adding smaller apps to their lineup? Is Amazon going for a set-top device that only plays with the big boys?

Rumors of an Amazon set-top streaming box have been around for quote some time, although Amazon has yet to confirm its actual existence. In early 2013, rumors said that the device would launch by fall of that year. When that didn't happen, reports indicated that it would be a holiday launch.

Then, the device was apparently delayed for unknown reasons.

This isn't the first time we've heard that the box, when it finally launches, will sport third party apps. Sure, Netflix and Hulu are direct competitors of Amazon Prime–but it appears that Amazon doesn't want to launch a streaming device that fails to offer the most-popular video apps around. The box would have to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku–all of which boast a wide array of third party apps.

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