Amazon's Newest Original Pilots Now Available

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Need something to watch? Amazon has just released its five newest pilots – three comedies and two dramas.

Here's a quick rundown of the five new pilots:

The Cosmopolitans is a comedy starring Adam Brody and Chloë Sevigny as part of “a group of young American expatriates in contemporary Paris searching for love and friendship.”

Really comes to us from Broken Lizard’s (Super Troopers, Beerfest) Jay Chandrasekhar and stars alongside Scrubs‘ Sarah Chalke and Hellboy‘s Selma Blair, along with Chandrasekhar himself. Really is a half-hour dramedy about “four hard-charging suburban Chicago couples trying to grasp on to their dwindling youth.”

Red Oaks, the last pilot Amazon announced back in July, is being produced by famed director Steven Soderbergh. It stars Craig Roberts (Submarine), Paul Reiser, Richard Kind, and Jennifer Grey, and is being directed by David Gordon Green of Eastbound & Down acclaim. “A coming-of-age comedy set in the “go-go” 80s that is equal parts hijinks and heartfelt, Red Oaks is about enjoying a last hurrah before summer comes to an end—and the future begins,” says Amazon Studios. It revolves around an assistant tennis pro at a country club, and its “colorful” cast of characters.

Moving on to the two hour-long dramas, Hand of God is the television debut of director Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, World War Z). It stars Sons of Anarchy‘s Ron Perlman as Judge Pernell Harris, “a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side, who suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a vigilante quest to find the rapist who tore his family apart.”

Finally, Hysteria tracks a “strange, psycho-physiological illness that manifests itself in violent fits and spasms and then begins spreading in the community through technology.”

As always, Amazon factors user feedback into its decision to keep or trash each series. If fans like it, Amazon develops it into a full series run. If not, well, we all know what happens to uninspiring pilots.

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