Amazon's "Never Before on DVD" Store Launched Today

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Amazon announced today that it's created a new Never Before on DVD store that, if you couldn't discern from the name, is a new service where you can browse through movies that were never deemed worthy of being issued on DVD and, presto, purchase the movies in DVD format.

The service is made possible by Amazon's CreateSpace DVD on Demand service and offers over 2,000 titles from a wide assortment of movie and television studios like CBS Networks, Lionsgate, MTV Networks, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, and Disney. In addition to nearly-forgotten movies and shows, the Never Before on DVD store will also offer more current wares such as Mob Wives: Season 1 and Teen Mom: Season 1.

Brad Beale, director of digital video content acquisition for Amazon, extolled the new store for offering fans a way to finally put an end to the seemingly endless wait for certain movies and television shows to finally be released on DVD. “In addition to being available on DVD, many titles are available digitally to enjoy right away through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video," he said. "We will continue working to bring our customers even more great video content on DVD as well as digitally.”

Since you've been waiting forever for some of these titles to finally make it to DVD, don't worry that this is a brief opportunity. Amazon says that the releases will always be available and they never go out of stock because the DVDs are only made to respond to customers' demand. More, some of the Never Before on DVD titles will also be viewable on Amazon Instant Video.

Most of these newly available titles have been listed on Amazon in formats other than DVD so there are already lots of reviews for the items. Interestingly enough, several of the reviews lament the lack of DVD for the titles. At last, you patient cinephiles can finally sleep a little better knowing you can add such neglected classics like Fastest Gun Alive, Travels With My Aunt, The Green Slime, Class Act, The Wonderful Country, or the 1993 ode to rollerblading, Airborne, to your DVD collection.