Amazon's Best-Selling Album of All Time Shouldn't Surprise You Too Much

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It's hard to believe that this is the first time that Amazon has ever compiled all the data on total sales to bring us the most-purchased albums and songs of all time, but that's what they're saying. Today, on a dedicated hub, you can browse through the best-selling albums, CDs, mp3s, and songs of all time - and maybe luck out on some ideas for that hard-to-shop-for music lover.

Without further ado, here's Amazon's best-selling album of all time (both digital and physical formats):

Yeah, not too shocking, right? The King of Pop's Thriller has sold more digital and physical copies on Amazon than any other album in history.

Here's the rest of the top 10:

2. Eagles - Their Greatest Hits
3. Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol 1-2
4. Pink Floyd - The Wall
5. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (ZOSO)
6. AC/DC - Back in Black
7. Garth Brooks - Double Live
8. Shania Twain - Come on Over
9. The Beatles - The White Album
10. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Just FYI, Hootie & The Blowfish's Cracked Rear View cracks the top 20 at #17.

Moving along to the best-selling CDs of all time, Adele's 21 takes the top spot, followed by Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.

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