Amazon Wants To Help You Make Kindle Fire HD Apps

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The Kindle Fire HD is pretty awesome, isn't it? The new 7 and 8.9-inch tablets are likely to give Apple a run for their money. Like all hardware, however, the true strength of these new tablets are in the apps. To that end, Amazon is giving developers all the tools they need to start making Kindle Fire HD apps today.

Amazon has released a number of development resources for developers interested in creating apps for the Kindle Fire HD. Some of these tools are similar to those used for the Kindle Fire so experienced developers should have no problem making the switch.

If you're new to Kindle Fire development, you're going to want to check out the development resources section. I would also suggest that experienced developers take a look over the resources for a refresher. After that, you'll want to grab the Amazon Mobile App SDK which includes the In-App Purchasing API, GameCircle API and Maps API.

Before you get started on your app, you'll want to figure out which device you're targeting. Amazon allows developers to offering separate APKs for all of their devices alongside regular Android devices. While you're at it, you can use Amazon's resources to localize your app for other territories like the UK or Italy. Finally, you'll want to integrated Amazon Web Services into your Kindle Fire app through the AWS Android SDK.

Before you submit your app, you'll need to test it on the Kindle Fire HD emulator that Amazon has just released. This will allow you to test and debug your apps without having to actually own a Kindle Fire HD.

Once you have everything finished, you'll be ready to submit the next great app to Amazon's Appstore. Just hit up the Mobile App Distribution Panel and you'll be ready to go.

The Kindle Fire has already proven to be a great source of revenue for developers and the Kindle Fire HD will most assuredly continue that trend. Interested developers should try to get their apps out sooner rather than later. The Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and the retooled original Kindle Fire both launch next week.

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