Amazon To Open Another Fulfillment Center In Washington


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Amazon began its life in Washington state in 1994. Since then, the online retailer has set up shop in numerous states and countries around the world. Now the retailer is returning home bringing with it jobs and a new warehouse.

Amazon announced this morning that it will be opening a new 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in Kent, Washington this year. The new fulfillment center will be the fourth in the state with two already existing in Summer and Bellevue, and one in DuPont nearing completion.

The new fulfillment center in Kent will focus on small items such as "books, electronics and consumer goods."

“We’re excited to bring hundreds of great full-time jobs with benefits to Kent and proud to further invest in Washington state with this new fulfillment center,” said Mike Roth, Amazon's vice president of North America operations. “We are grateful to local and state elected officials who have supported Amazon in bringing a new fulfillment center to the state of Washington.”

As always, a new fulfillment center means state officials are going to pay themselves on the back:

“Amazon's expansion is great news for the people who will be working in the hundreds of great jobs there, as well as for all of Washington,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “Amazon is a marquee company for how Washington innovation can change the world.”

Heck, even the Washington State Department of Commerce gets into the self-congratulatory back patting:

“Amazon’s latest expansion of their hometown footprint, bringing so many great jobs, is extremely important to help grow and diversify the Kent Valley economy,” said Brian Bonlender, director for the Washington State Department of Commerce. “The company’s decision also highlights the numerous advantages that attract and keep world-class employers in Washington State, including a highly competitive business climate, well-educated workforce and outstanding quality of life. We are proud that Amazon continues to invest in our state and look forward to supporting their growth.”

Despite my cynicism, new fulfillment centers are generally a great thing. Amazon will be creating hundreds of decent paying jobs in the area. Full-time employees at the fulfillment center not only get a decent wage and healthcare, but programs like Career Choice as well. The program pays up to 95 percent of an employee's tuition for them to pursue any career they like, even if it takes them away from Amazon.

If you want to know more, check out the Amazon Fulfillment Web site.

Image via Amazon