Amazon Takes The Kindle To India

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India is one of the largest growing markets in the world right now. It's quickly growing at a pace similar to China which has many companies tripping over themselves to break into the market. Amazon is the latest company to capitalize on the insane growth that the Indian economy is experiencing.

Amazon announced today that the Kindle e-reader is now available for purchase in India from their Web site or local Croma retailers nationwide. The company has also launched a Kindle store specifically for Indian customers. The new storefront features all the latest and greatest works from India's most famous authors alongside plenty of free classics.

“We are proud to launch this new Kindle store for Indian customers – offering Kindle book purchases in rupees and the ability to buy and read the work of many great Indian authors,” said Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle Content, “In addition, we are excited to work with Croma to make Kindle available at retail outlets across India.”

Amazon's entrance into India has apparently been planned for quite some time. The company already has a few Kindle-exclusive books for sale from some of India's most famous authors. These works include "Love, Life and a Beer Can" by Prashant Sharma and "Reality Bites: A Not So Innocent Love Story" by Anurag Anand.

Independent authors in India will also benefit from the launch of Kindle thanks to the Kindle Direct Publishing program. Now authors can easily make their works available to all Kindle owners throughout the country at no cost to themselves. Amazon will even pay royalties in rupees to authors who use KDP.

Amazon will only be selling the Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G in India. There was no mention of Kindle Fire availability, but it should come in time. It's much easier to secure licenses for books than for the wide variety of Bollywood films that Amazon would obviously want on an Indian Kindle Fire.

As Amazon is moving into new markets, they are looking to expand in current markets. There's already talk of a Kindle Fire 2 releasing shortly in the U.S. alongside a new 10-inch Kindle Fire to directly compete with the iPad. The company has been extremely successful with its Kindle line so far. I have no doubt that they will also be successful in India.

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