Amazon Sees A Lot Of Developer Action Ahead Of Fire Phone Release

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Amazon's new Fire phone will see its release on Friday, and the company is taking the opportunity to talk about the developer "excitement" related to the platform and features that are unique to the device.

"As we approach the release of Amazon’s Fire phone this week, we wanted to share some news out of the Amazon Appstore around the developer excitement we’re already seeing," a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews. "In the week following the announcement of the device, the Appstore received more app submissions than any other weeks since it opened in 2011. Overall, the Appstore has received its highest number ever of app submissions and developer registrations."

The Appstore's selection has nearly tripled over the past year, and app submissions are are at record levels since the Fire phone launch event.

"Developers are also finding innovative uses of the Dynamic Perspective SDK and Firefly SDK, two new breakthrough technologies that allows users to see and interact with their apps in a whole new way," they said. "The Dynamic Perspective SDK gives developers the ability to incorporate peek, tilt and zoom capabilities based on head movements and other motions. With the Firefly SDK developers can build apps that recognize real world objects such as QR and bar codes, artwork, songs, movies and more."

eBay, Groupon, Kik, Sega, Trove, TV Guide, Wall Street Journal and Whatsapp are among those already using the technology.

“When we launched Fire phone, we couldn’t wait to see what developers were going to build with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly,” said Mike George, Vice President of the Amazon Appstore. “While the underlying technologies for Dynamic Perspective and Firefly are sophisticated, we’ve made it simple for developers to harness their capabilities. Developers can mix and match APIs from the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly SDKs with standard Android APIs to create the best experience for their app or game. And in just the few weeks since we unveiled Fire phone, we’ve been blown away with the new, innovative use cases developed with these groundbreaking technologies.”

It's interesting that while the company has played up these technologies a great deal for developers, and at the launch event, they weren't even mentioned in the device's first commercial. That was all about Amazon Prime, as the device comes with a free year (for now). Another ad for the phone is expected this week. We'll see if the unique features (or the cameras that track your every move) are brought up.

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