Amazon Releases New "Send to Kindle" Function For Browsers, Email

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Amazon has unveiled a new service that allows Kindle owners to more easily sync web content and documents from their PC or mobile devices. The new "Send to Kindle" service is now available for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, through e-mail, on Android devices, and through a desktop app for PC or Mac. The different versions of Send to Kindle can be found here.

For Firefox and Chrome, Send to Kindle will appear as an add-on or extension button (seen above). From the button, users can sync the article, blog post, or other text content to their Kindle Library (which includes Kindle apps), or preview the content before sending.

For those who use the Kindle app on an Android device, Send to Kindle will automatically included in the latest Kindle app update. This will add "Amazon Send to Kindle" to the share menu that appears when users choose to share content.

For the Mac and PC desktops, Send to Kindle will also be added to context menus. In addition, documents can be sent to Kindle through the print dialog menu on both Mac and PC.

The e-mail version of Send to Kindle is odd, if only because Amazon has allowed customers to send documents to their Kindle through e-mail since the first version of the Kindle was released. Now, Kindle users and their approved contacts can send documents to their Kindle Library through a Send-to-Kindle e-mail address, which can be found on the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon when logged in. Supported file types are limited to Microsoft Word (both DOC and DOCX), HTML, RTF, JPEG, Kindle Format, GIF, PNG, BMP, and PDF documents.

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