Amazon Reinstates Lendle's API Access

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Oh what a rollercoaster ride for little ol' Lendle. Yesterday we told you that Amazon had revoked the book-lending app's API access, shutting the service down completely. This news came merely 6 weeks after the service took flight. It didn't take long for Lendle to get up and running again, however, as Amazon has restored their API Access.

Late last night, Lendle reports they received an email from an account specialist at Amazon. In his statement Monday, co-founder Jeff Croft lamented Amazon's lack of clarity and Lendle's lack of options for recourse; but this email detailed the specific issue Amazon had with the app. The culprit was the Book Sync tool, which synced a user's Kindle library with his/her Lendle account. Amazon proposed a very simple proposition: remove Book Sync and you get your API access back. Lendle obliged, saying,

We appreciate Amazon's willingness to modify the position stated in the original access revocation email and work with us to get Lendle back on line. We have complied with the request to disable the Book Sync tool (which was a very useful, but non-essential, feature of Lendle).


We've learned a lot through this process, and have come to realize we need to work towards a Lendle product that does not rely on APIs provided by Amazon or any other third party. To that end, we've already begun brainstorming the next version of Lendle. Suffice it to say, we'll continue to make good on our promise to keep Lendle the easiest, fastest, fairest, and best way to lend and borrow Kindle books.

Translation - we'll (hope to) not be needing you anymore, Amazon! It still seems to me, however, that Book Sync would benefit Amazon in the end. Oh well, don't worry about it now...go read a book or something.

Josh Wolford
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